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Find Your Asking Style


  • What’s Your Asking Style?

    Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you analytic or intuitive? Which of the four Asking Styles best fits your personality?

    (575) 399-2611 to find out how you can ask for donations in a way that's more natural and effective.


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    Welcome to Asking Matters, where you can access my most effective tips and techniques for learning how to ask for donations face-to-face.

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    Want to be more comfortable asking for gifts? Want to understand your … Read More

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    Asking Matters President Brian Saber recently had the chance to talk to Dawn Carmichael, a Philanthropy Officer for Providence Health Services in Alaska, about asking.

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    How often does your face-to-face asking for charitable donations result in a gift at that time or in the future? CLICK HERE TO ANSWER!

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    Learn about Valet.io, a new technology that allows everyone to text their contributions from their smart phones and see the impact their giving is making in real time.

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    Ask Your Way to Fundraising Success | A Step-by-Step Program to Get … (786) 573-5047